About The Event

Established in 2001, Kuala Lumpur Fashion Weekend (KLFWKND) is a retail focused event to support the government’s initiative in putting Malaysia on the map as a duty free shopping destination, in hopes of making Malaysia a leading retail distribution hub of luxury and lifestyle brands within the region. Aiming to attract tourists and locals alike, KLFWKND provides an exclusive first look in the newest trends in hair, make-up and fashion of the current international seasonal collections.

In 2014, the event advanced its repertoire to include other aspects of shopping segments (online shopping, childrens' wear, accessories and cross-labels, as well as the collaboration between Dame Zandra Rhodes and Karyaneka), which has catapulted KLFWKND into being an excellent recognised platform for many local brands and labels - delivering exposure and creating an important revenue stream for the local retail industry.

Moving forward, KLFWKND will continue its effort in developing and raising awareness and recognition of Malaysia as a potential fashion capital within the ASEAN region. It is KLFWKND’s ultimate aim for new brands and labels to establish their presence here to make Malaysia their distribution hub for the ASEAN region.

For 2015, KLFWKND intends to highlight and promote a variety of luxury brands and labels that are available in Malaysia and bring in selected international brands from various ASEAN countries to commemorate Malaysia’s Chairmanship of ASEAN 2015. International brands such as Asprey, Channel, Dior, Valentino, Giorgio Armani, TOD’s, Van Cleef and Arpels and more have all entered the local market, encouraged by the success of exclusive names such as Bulgari, Cartier, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Rolex amongst other well-known luxury brands.

At the same time, Tradisi Busana PR - owned by fashion mastermind, Dodi Mohammad - is also proposing to reintroduce one of Malaysia’s heritage textiles, the Kain Limar to locals and tourists at large. Kain Limar (Limar fabric) is one of the finest woven fabrics commonly used by nobilities as dress fabric and ceremonial attire in the 16th century.

Despite its traditional presence, there are no written documents on the practice and development of Kain Limar, as Malay weavers traditionally pass on the technique and knowledge to their close family members - verbally and on daily basis – making those of the current era unaware of this luxurious traditional textile.

While most of the beautiful fabric can only be found in museums, personal collections and antique shops, the art of weaving Kain Limar has been forgotten and is leading to stagnation hence, why KLFWKND is adamant in highlighting the olden practice back into the limelight.


The KL Fashion Weekend logo has been recreated into a bold, forward-looking design that’s encapsulated within a square box, forming a modernistic 'stamp' that signifies the unique marking of a signature event that is KLFWKND.