A graduate from London's Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design, Eugene Lim's creativity was widely inspired from the city's cultural diversity and individualism in arts, as well as its music and street fashion.

Upon returning home, Eugene formed the first ever event management company in 1997, which promoted dance music and international DJs in Malaysia - this was the golden era of creating a cutting edge music scene at an internationally recognised level.

His mother - whose experience spans over 40 years as a fashion designer at Jet Boutique - is a major fashion inspiration. As an avid fashion lover, it was under her influence that he decided to start his own clothing line, aiming to bring something different and unique to the Malaysian fashion scene. The brand team comprises of both mother and son, with Eugene situated at the helm as Creative Director - utilising only the finest of fabrics and impeccable workmanship.

Eugene's overall creative direction is very much influenced by the clashing themes found in the Eastern and Western cultures.  

“Inspiration comes from everything around me.” - Eugene Lim


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