KL Alta Moda (which is Italian for ‘high fashion’) is where couturiers, leading fashion designers and labels meet the crème de la crème of Malaysia’s society to get them acquainted with the latest haute couture through fashion shows, installations and exhibitions.

Each designer or couturier will be given his or her own individual slot during the event and will be directly involved with directing the production, particularly in the areas of model casting, choreography, light and sound.

The exclusive invite-only affair aims to embody the Malaysian fashion scene and classic ‘one off’ orders for the couture styles, which later progressed to prêt-à-porter collections. Funded primarily by one main sponsor that is chosen based on relevance to KL Alta Moda’s image, the event will feature custom-made collections by the most renowned designers and couturiers of the industry, ensuring that each is in line with the ‘couture’ way of fashion. While most of the collections will be available on a made-to-order basis, clients are able to immediately place an order during the after-show cocktails or by appointment.

Managed by Tradisi Busana PR, KL Alta Moda’s vision is to revisit the historic ‘couture’ tradition, as revolutionised by Charles Frederick Worth - an Englishman who moved to Paris in 1846 to expand his dressmaking business – where his work began the couture culture through redefining female outlines, removing excessive ruffles and frills, as well using rich fabrics to craft understated yet, undoubtedly flattering cuts.

Besides preserving the classic couture traditions, KL Alta Moda also welcomes high fashion assemblages to attract certain retailers into developing lines into prêt-a-porter (ready-to-wear) collections.