JuliaBetty By Betty Banafe

JuliaBetty Glitter Pretty 2016 by Betty Banafe

The JuliaBetty brand came to life in June 2014 when it was founded by Betty Banafe and her husband Bruce Dargus. Betty Banafe’s passion for children's fashion began after the birth of the couple’s first child, Julia and upon her reaching six months of age, the two began spreading the first designs for little girls through word of mouth and personal friends.

A top-tier celebrity baby clothing brand, 'JuliaBetty, Baby Girl' features exceptionally designed and adorable children's wear for little girls aged two months to six years old.

Debuting This Season's Lineup

Celebrating the joy that little girls bring to our lives, Betty Banafe’s highly anticipated second season of authentic Malaysian Baju (clothing) for darling little girls has arrived and will be making its debut at this year’s KL Fashion Weekend with special appearances by Malaysian A-listers and their beautiful daughters!

This year’s lineup sees designer Betty Banafe highlight the importance of comfort blended with memorable designs that will warm hearts.

The label's pieces are of exceptional quality that feel substantial and are well made. Betty Banafe is known to have been closely involved in the design so there's a lot to look forward to!


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